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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content


Why so much interest?

What makes this guy so damn important? What is it about him as a person? What makes him so damn special that such a role should be thrust on him?

That he should be left without a single true friend in a menagerie of worlds?

That his existence - that no one knows anything about through normal means of obtaining information - is able to be accurately described on a forum again and again and told throughout countless stories and other forms of media?

Who is he, and/or what did he do to deserve this gift/curse?

Why does everyone want something from him? How is it that he can give it?

Why does existence revolve around this person?

Why all the worldwide attention? Attention that if he ever acknowledged would be grounds for immediate ridicule?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27201298

Everything turns. The whole universe, from the smallest subatomic particle, to the largest galaxy, to the universe of galaxies, is turning.

Time also turns.

And for every turning, there is a center around which it turns. Sometimes it is known, sometimes it is unknown. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is mysterious. But it is always there - rotation, turning, by its very definition, turns around a center point. And no matter how big the thing is that is turning, the center point is vanishingly small. In fact, it is so small, it ultimately cannot even be measured. The center point for a turning electron, is the same size as the turning point for a galaxy - a center point is a center point.

Humanity is also turning. Historically, consciously, energetically, physically, emotionally, intuitionally, it's turning. And so, by definition, it must have a center point. And as humanity is made up of people, the turning point is a person.

You can say that person is doing something. You can also say that person is doing nothing. You can say that person knows something. And you can also say that - by definition - that person knows nothing other than the humanity turning around him.

If you try to "stop" that person, and focus on that person to do so, you are ignorant - in the same way that someone is ignorant that tries to "stop" the hub of a wheel without taking into account the power of the turning wheel. To hate the hub while the wheel clobbers you is ridiculous. To attack the hub and expect the wheel to simply obey your attack, is equally ridiculous. And most ridiculous of all is to ignore the hub completely, while trying to move the spinning wheel.

Yet that is exactly what is being attempted against the nobody.

Why him? Ignorant question. What turns, has a center point. Every wheel has a hub. if it wasn't him, it would be someone else, but there would always be someone, because humanity turns. It turns through historical times as regularly as a clock, and each time, there is a hub. So in that sense, who the nobody is, is irrelevent, because there will always be someone who is the hub.

The problem is the refusal of those who want the wheel to keep turning the same way, to accept that the wheel is re-orienting itself in a new alignment. They see this as the loss of the power they've gained exploiting the wheel of humanity moving the way it has been, and so they seek to stop it from re-orienting itself. So they attack the hub, the nobody. But the entire wheel, plus the universe acting upon that wheel, protects that hub. Remember, the actual hub, the actual axis of rotation, is smaller than the smallest. So it's impossible to scorn the nobody enough to matter - he's already smaller than the most hateful scorn can reach. He's already profoundly cut off from the wheel, while being intimately linked with every part of it at the same time. Because the hub is empty. It is the space around which the wheel turns. The wheel is utterly dependent upon it, but can never reach it, and never lose it - or it's no longer a wheel.

So smart people study the re-orientation of the wheel, not the hub. You can't do anything about the hub, and you can't do anything about the re-orientation of the wheel. But you CAN learn about the new alignment, instead of fighting it - or trying to burn down the wheel because it's not doing what you want.

PTB or not, everyone is part of that wheel, going where it goes. And all the HAARP and scalar tech and antigrav and GM foods and chemtrails and flouride and NLP and pension plans and jackboot dreams cannot even begin to touch what is happening to the wheel.

But unfortunately, denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1610534

I wasn't hating or denying him or anything about him...I was just wondering what it was about this particular person that made him the center of everything - is he God/the force of existence/creation incarnate? Or just another piece on the board?

Imagine what it must be like for him - to know all of this and yet never be able to acknowledge it. To have the weight of the world, and possibly all of existence, on his shoulders and not a single soul ever knowing or being able to comprehend/grasp the truth. Sure, we know of him as the Nobody...but that's kind of like Anonymous...just a title we give to an unknown to try and give it a name while he, as an individual, is left virtually anonymous. To be constantly beset by enemies throughout every dimension/realm of this world - most of which are from TPTB. To be left utterly alone in a world that subconsciously revolves around him but doesn't even know he exists...I feel for him.

I'm sorry if I sounded angry - I wasn't angry at him, but rather at TPTB and whoever else has caused him to have to bear such a massive burden while the rest of us go about our lives without so much as a thank you to him.

Well, I for one say thank you...if you can read this, Nobody, thank you from the bottom of my heart. hugsblwkss
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