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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
No, I don´t like football so much.
In fact I don´t like any of the popular sports, because of what is made of it...

But I played streethockey for some time and actually I´m thinkin about doing sports in a club again.

I would claim, I have been able to improve my egomotives.
I´m at a point, where I don´t know if I even have an ego anymore. But this can be confusing, cause when we talk about ego nowadays we basically see the dark aspect of it, because that´s what is promoted in this Babylon-society.
But we need to take a look at the ego more from a meta-level perspective and aknowledge, that it is a needed vehicle for us to learn in this "being human" thing.
It is very necessary and it´s a matter of choice. It´s a tough job indeed, cause we have to make these choices day by day. One can imagine this as a box of things you´re collectin in life. When you fill that box with good things day by day, you can draw hope and positive energy for yourself out of it and for others of course. So it´s in this way always good to have a good reservoir. But mostly in life it´s like, this box will often feel very empty and we´re easily tempted in doing no good. Life can play mean tricks with you. So in critical times we need others sometimes to share a smile or even a tear with us. This is so important. We need to be attentive with this. I have a very good sense of how people really feel and I feel so gifted when I could really help them a bit in what way so ever. I do this, because I know how it feels to be in the pit, deep down with an empty box.

And no, of course I don´t like the egogames.
I suspected myself for playing these games still recently, but I haven´t noticed that it was rather anger, that made me feel ugly about the way I was responding or even thinking. I´m still working on that much anger, I feel I have released a lot of it.

Thank you for being so mindful, I enjoy your presence and kindness..
Indeed I´m learning again to appreciate how precious these little and simple things really are.


 Quoting: Iolair

this are the kind om messages that i enjoy and deeply resonate with. personal and thoughtful in the same time.
puts life in perspective, you know :)
the same life, but seen from another's eyes.
thank you for sharing
i am tired now so i will not add more :)
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