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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Avalonia
Post Content
when will the NoBody B free
 Quoting: TheOneBee

The Nobody is supposed to be always Free.
That's the real problem in fact

Nobody as a concept is The Big Surprise - The Joker - The Laughter. The Accident that can mess up all those elaborated plans over millenia.

The Nobody as an eventual incarnation of this Concept, is a person as free as this reality allowed him to be. A person that can decode the pattern of this universe and also can envision the unfold of the new pattern to come. The Nobody is like a Hacker that can change others realities or a planetary reality. A Free person that can teach many others to be Free.
The Hill is symbolical for this person, because he can be on the top of all hierarchies if he wish, by changing all the already made plans or by acting for one faction of the powers who want to rule this world.

Is this Nobody a threat ?
If you think of him being like a Neo in the Matrix, Yes, he Is.
From the heads of the churches to the heads of the financial powers, everyone would want to have him better as an ally or to suppress him as an enemy.

The Nobody is not the person to be presented as the new ruler of the world, because he doesn't want to rule: he wants to give his power and to teach the people to be their rulers. The Nobody is the one to break old rules and to show the people that rules are made to be broken.

The Nobody is the one that can open the door to a new road to be taken, a Free road for humanity.

I wish Good Luck (even if is no needed in this case) for all the Nobodies waiting to start their missions.
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