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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Michael_
Post Content
so the host has to be willing to sort of sacrifice himself?
or atleast not have the ego fighting against the notion of the possibility of not coming back if something goes wrong?

or maybe it will be closer to the 2 head scenario, both their spirits and awarenesses working at the same time?

all for the greater good and all hehe
 Quoting: Michael_

Yes, the host is considered the sacrifice, its the build up allegory of the worlds religions when they offered up animal sacrifices which actually represented the zodiacal prep energies .

Lambs= Aries
Goats= Capricorn
Bulls = Taurus


And when the sacrifice was laid upon the altar, the flame of Jehovah came down to consume it.

Leviticus 9:24

Fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed the burnt offering and the fat portions on the altar. And when all the people saw it, they shouted for joy and fell facedown.

The fire represented the flame of the descending spirit that consumed the host.

The 2 headed scenario can work together, yes, In very mystic American Indian societies, they were called two souls and were very powerful and revered

ah I didn't know that, 2souls, makes sense :)
do you know if the host and the guest/visitor spoke with different tonation or dialekts? I imagine a spirit not native to the host body would use the body slightly differently, but since the host is also "active" it might be possible that the host would just control the body as usual, causing less "learning to ride the bike" syndrom :D

though I imagine this particular spirit to be much more powerfull than those the native americans had the fortune of experiencing, no offence to them as they were powerfull.
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