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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content

And how would you or TBTB know or confirm that if this 'slave, man of sin or witness' on earth has been taken over in spirit by the entity you all hope for?

What do you all expect him or her to do?

What do expect them to say?
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

Hi KT ! there is a certain configuration in natal chart , the planetary alignment energies that create a grid lock inside of the host, kinda like a dream catcher. In normal or most people, if their firewall is down thru meditation, intent or illness or NDE, spirits can usually come and go from a person, But in another configuration, the spirit will be trapped and hence anchoring the indwell and making the Rebis..


Good morning Apollo!

OK, I AM following you. My spirit comes and goes based on my activities. When I perform my slave duties to make money because I have to in order to support my larger family, it seems to leave. But once I start back researching the esoteric or my ancestors, it comes back like a burning flame. This is when I AM most happy and productive.

This exact problem has been tormenting me for a couple years bro. What can someone do when pursuing the esoteric that will not pay the bills or earn money to live in this current day and balance the two?

The days today are much different than any other or even when Manly P Hall was alive. Today, for an Adept or Magi to pursue his esoteric, spiritual studies and or to write books without backing or TPTB blessings is economic self suicide. In addition, I can trace my family who as done these great works while living to only have them taken and names changed like they never existed.
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

I hear ya. The needs of food, shelter and clothing is the level of the beast. (animal needs) cause that is the primal desire and instinct of all animals. And guess what, even in some rich people, they never leave the beast state willingly. they still pursue the bigger food, shelter and clothing. Therefore when the beast is strong, when either poor, or middle class or rich, the beauty (spirituality/love) takes back stage to the beast.. Beauty and the Beast..

Everything in life is micro to macro though and fractals.. like St Bernard of Clairvaux stated:

Some seek knowledge for the state of knowledge, that is curiosity.
Some seek knowledge to be known by others, that is vanity
Some seek knowledge to serve, that is love

Im sure on a micro scale a sponsor can see someone that serves others and will want to sponsor them like Manly P Hall was sponsored by a Millionaire that noticed his gifts. he was able to travel, write, study and serve others the rest of his life without having to worry about his needs of the beast.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

We are all beasts who have to feed the beast in order to even attempt to pursue the spiritual path of that of the soul. Without food, shelter or clothing, the soul cannot function properly inside the beast for its needs crush spirit. Once these needs are met without worry of next months artificially pumped up bills and rents, then one can pursue Philosophy, Astrology and Gnosis in more effective manner.

Thanks for sharing the story about Mr. Hall. He has always been an inspiration to me and his words have been some of the most wise I have read. I have produced many videos with images to his most wise words in honor of him for free and for love. They do not get many views, but such is expected when we live in a world ruled by vanity.

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