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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix
Post Content
It's funny how all these ''Secret Society'' peepz have it wrong; and still don't seem to understand that they are looking in the wrong direction & barking up the wrong tree.

They should be looking for the 144 or perhaps 144,000; as opposed to the ''Nobody''; do you all really think there is going to be a singular messiahnic figurehead ...

You should take it from someone who can actually speak 'Solar Tongue' or what I personally call ''Zaoulvia''; the language of the Zuul/Soul.

If there is a higher ''Christic/Lucifer'' ((Peacock/Cobra)) energy; it is going to be made manifest not within a singular individual - but within those who are here for such.

Aeons transport themselves through time & space via Archontic Units of 144, which is a Base 12 Parameter Set.

You all should be listening; the conduits between as above & so below are already here and awakening ...


Oh well,
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