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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Ice Station Zebra
Post Content


United States 10/15/2012 04:07 PM

Re: We all wish we were the nobody

The fact that you believe that what knowledge and power the Nobody has aquired over his lifetimes cannot be learned is the exact reason he needs to be here at all at this time.

  Because all of you would rather sit on your thumbs and wait for a saviour to come and do it for you than choose to do the work and learn for yourselves.

  He knows nothing that he has not learned, and he knows nothing that you cannot learn as well. Your refusal to learn is why you are still trapped here in this prison.

Once again he has come to share his learned wisdom and teach all of us how to live in a manner that works best for the well being of our eternal souls. He does all of this through example, and by no other means. he claims no title, position, or authority. He has no intention of being a figurehead; however, once again his "image" or "persona" has been manipulated and perverted by those who desire to obscure his message.

  Once again mankind is swayed by what others have to say about him, yet completely ignore the words that come from his own mouth. Once again he finds himself a stranger in the room full of his staunchest supporters. Once again, they would not know him unless he wore a name tag and the authenticity was verified by someone else; they do not know him with their own hearts.

We all wish that we were the Nobody? Not hardly. Some of us wish that we didn't need to be

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