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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I have a hard time understandíng what the gematria can prove.
Mine is 1332, and I have just as outrageous phrases as you do, but I really doubt any of us are the nobody based on that :)

 Quoting: Michael_

It's not about the gematria, that was a side fact, it's about the natal chart. Look on page 9 for what Apollo illuminist had to say about it
 Quoting: Then obody 5470017

I still do not understand what the link is. Instead of having us look elsewhere, just post what link you are making.

 Quoting: Saptaparna

Why? Lesson 1: your time on earth is a personal learning experience. YOU are given the tools to do this. The only way you progress, is if you work towards it yourself.

My point? I personally don't have to prove anything; I know who I am. However I, I did lay down a lot of clues;the only say "the nobody" will be true to you is if you find him yourself. This is not a popularity contest, and I am really not here to have my presence explicitly known. There's a fine line between infringing upon someone's free will and showing someone the truth, which even with all my power, I have to respect. Therefore, the evidence I put out there is all I will put out. Anymore and it could disrupt the fragile timeline we have in place. There is a right time for everything; you guys just got to get a sneak peak.
 Quoting: Then obody 5470017

Jesus Christ that is choc full of errors; damn iPhone. Meant "only way" instead of say
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