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Message Subject If Jesus was God, who resurrected him?
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
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Genesis 1:1 It reads In a beginning created Gods... that is plural In a beginning is the one who resurrected Yahoshua His ABBA in Heaven, he was created with many other Gods by A Beginning.....
 Quoting: nzreva

"YOU are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that YOU may know and have faith in me, and that YOU may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none. 11 I—I am Jehovah, and besides me there is no savior.” Isa43;10
 Quoting: DGN

That's what he 'thinks'. The god of the OT is the blind god and we have been taught to look outside of ourselves for a savior. We are our own saviors and christs, if we choose.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12042051

"The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate. Who can know it? 10 I, Jehovah, am searching the heart, examining the kidneys, even to give to each one according to his ways, according to the fruitage of his dealings." Jer17:9 Who can provide his own ransom from sin?
 Quoting: DGN

One more time, Jehovah is the name of a planet that orbits alcyone. Its people baby sit earth. they are not god. act 1.1 is not correct and Luke who wrote it, never met Jesus. He passed on hearsay and then the catholic church added what they wanted to that. Jesus as Father of Nebadon, bestowed his spirit of truth on Pentacost, which is a living COPY of his own mind.

He was alive those 40 days because he did NOT DIE in the first place. the Creator does not individually resurrect anyone in this silly ways you folks believe. it is out and out foolish. Jesus himself taught that unless man begins to observe nature and learn of God thru nature he will be forever fools and that is certainly true. This stuff is flat foolish.
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