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Message Subject If Jesus was God, who resurrected him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Remember the bible was written by jewish freemasons to bring about the new world order which is a world without anyone knowing who God really is. This jewish jesus in the bible is in fact some jewish freemasonic initiate who somehow (I'm guessing some kind of egyptian magic) got everyone to believe that he is some kind of saviour which in fact is not true and he's in hell and he will abondon your soul there when you find out when you die what's really been going on. Christ is God the son of Our Lady and the Holy Ghost. Christ created all things and he created Lucifer the devil. From what I gather is that Lucifer turned on Christ who is God and wanted to start his own empire to piss off God. And God said fine Lucifer let's see if you can do it. But God has rules and the rules are that Lucifer can only use subversion and trickery and deception to get people thinking he was God and not Christ. But when God came and God was killed Lucifer lost because violence was used. And because Lucifer didn't stick to the rules he lost so God came back to give us the sacraments to remind us that he is in fact God and not Lucifer or the Lord. But remember God was killed so he's not coming back. It's all a big contest. But I believe that Christ always wins because Lucifer can't get everyone to bow down to him without using some kind of aggression or violence and it's a big no no according to God. But it's always a close call because only a handful of people say the rosary.
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