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Message Subject If Jesus was God, who resurrected him?
Poster Handle DGN
Post Content
yes you are on the right track the ALMIGHTY GOD IS JEHOVAH and his son is Jesus. Jehovah means he causes to become and Jesus means my father is Salvation they are 2 different entities the holy spirit is Gods active force like Electricity it is used to bring along Gods purposes for salvation not the trinity christendom teaches
 Quoting: porkpower1 9724461

NO NO NO. almighty FATHER has NO NAME. other than Father or Source on any planet. The source of all that is does not have a name and does not require such a thing. almighty Father Source is also YOUR FATHER. Which Jesus taught.

Jehovah is a PLANET that orbits Alcyone, the central sun of Pleiades. Its people carry out babysitting of planet earth in response to the Hierarchy of Heaven.

The people of Jehovah assisted MOses, fried sodom and gomorrah, gave moses the 20 commandments from a craft using lasers on the stone tablets. NOT GOD.

all the Gods in the OT pretty much are ETS. Not SOURCE energy of the creation.

Jesus GENETIC father was Gabriel of Nebadon.

The Holy Spirit is not God's active source. the 3rd person Trinity is the iNfinite Spirit which is the source of evolutionary mind. Jesus is NOT 2nd person Trinity. You have been seriously misinformed by your religion. The roman church created a lie to keep all of you from understanding yourselves as Sons of God. God is MIND, all facets of the Trinity are Mind, and anyone with a reasoning mind that can plan the future is a son/daughter of some portion of the Trinity. Most of you of the lucifer rebellion were mostly angels created by Mother Spirit, a daughter of the iNfinite Spirit. But the rest of you are most likely indwelt by a Father Fragment, and even some of you who are daughters of the iNfinite spirit are also father indwelt. You still are all sons or daughters of "god" at any rate.

the Eternal Son/2nd person Trinity was the first only begotten Son of Father Creator Source. Together they "birthed" the infinite Spirit, 3rd person Trinity.

Electricity has jack shit to do with your salvation. YOU DO AND ONLY YOU. However, your mind seeds something to store its information on, which is electrons to a point. An electron can store 3 G's of info. Your astral form is basically an electron form of your minds creation.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

Hmmmm.... about two sentences into that train wreck and......
 Quoting: DGN

And DGN I bet you believe "Jehovah" came down to earth and gave the 10 commandments to Moses too? Right? Its not me who is confused here. I am giving you TRUTH.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

Too much Mel Brooks for you here buddy;
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