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Message Subject Why do women hate Porn so much - I don't hate Mills & Boon...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because it's demeaning and meant to meant to be degrading. Women are often depicted in positions like that of animals with their private parts exposed, or as children or mere objects. Very often they are portrayed in violently suggestive situations, like with someone pointing a knife at their genitals, or tied up with ropes.

It takes the most vulnerable expression of love and turns it into a mockery.
 Quoting: DOT 2 DOT

I don't feel porn is demeaning or degrading. Everyone is well paid and doing this of their own free will. Some women enjoy being tied up and dominated.

Sex is not love. Love is an emotion, sex is physical. Sex is a primal thing, there is NOTHING romantic about swapping bodily fluids! Given that sex and love are mutually exclusive, porn does not mock anything.

I don't like horror movies, so I don't watch them. I also don't go around saying they are somehow wrong. To each his own, and LONG LIVE PORN!!! and also horror movies :-)
 Quoting: RoxykinsIII

Like enjoying watching someone take a shit, which from what I hear is what they actually do in some of them, have anal, then shit it out and the women drink it. It's called "chocolate milkshake."

Great! The lowest common denominator just hit an all time low!
 Quoting: DOT 2 DOT

WOW. To each his own but the porn we watch has none of that in it.

I will admit some of it is pretty fucked up, but some of it is just down right hot.
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