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Message Subject Thoughts & Theories: A New Internet
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
I mean ENTIRELY new.

Why hasn't anyone made another internet? Totally serious question.

How hard can it be?

If we don't like where things are going with this whole entire internet, why not invent and use a new one?

It's not only likely, but entirely probable that I'm missing something absolutely crucial here.

Regardless, does anyone see where I'm going with this? Honestly?
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

a new internet needs to be based on another approach to information, communication.

and you not need to erase the old one to achieve this.
the tools are there.
facebook or google might have achieved it, but they used the same old approach to it.
because of that the result is the same ratio of junk/noise to meaningful content.

the first wave of internet which is still in place was oriented on storing every piece of information, irrelevant of its usefulness.
now that we have this huge pile of shit with all the gems of the world hidden in it, maybe it's time for some cleaning
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