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Message Subject occultists who do pyschic attacks on people...do they need a personal item?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Only if you consider the soul a personal item.

You might look to your own transgressions first though. No one attacks without provocation or just cause.
 Quoting: AGC

Actually the only so called occultists who would " attack " tend to do so from nothing more then petty jealousy or trying to force someone to be with them, who really cannot nor ever will love them. So even if they " win ", their little act gets them a loveless habit relationship and a eternal life time of never knowing true love... what a winner!! rofl

To the op - depends what they are doing, so no not really and yes u can send back ... should be easy to find on the net. Just ensure you use no names whatsover - simply cast back what was cast upon you to the sender by however many times u fancy. Ensure no names so you can wear no karma - and also make no mistakes of casting evil on someone who did do nothing. ie - if no one cast nothing happens ;o)
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