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Message Subject occultists who do pyschic attacks on people...do they need a personal item?
Poster Handle Coma Patient #7
Post Content
I've had an ongoing battle with at least one for over 14 years now. His big thing is shaking me non stop, pushing emotions etc.

What works for me is an emotional control.

Imagine a small ball in your mind, this ball rests in the center of your emotions where everything is calm. It rests in a small divot, so it doesn't move as easily. Whenever your emotions stray you simply roll the ball back to the center, it only takes a couple seconds. If the emotion is deeper, imagine another ball, as many as needed. You can visualize your hand moving the ball in your mind if that helps, also purple background is relaxing, yellow is uplifting. From here you could add in other techniques like focusing on your peripheral vision etc.

Early loss of effectiveness of a mental-tool tends to happen when your subconscious is over developed in comparison to your conscious mind and is trying to take control. Simply reaffirm to your subconscious that you use your conscious mind when thinking these thoughts. Do this by focusing on the emotion and your consciousness “surroundings “while using the mental-tool

I started getting bored with it though, so at night I'm using NLP and other controls on his subconscious leaving all sorts of treats for him that will screw him up later. I had good practice fighting myself "depression" for 5-6 years. If it goes on awhile they will push you far beyond what you thought you were capable of, I have more emotional controls on my thread. I even touch on screwing with his subconscious some, it's more designed for self development, but it can be used for either.

I should add, what he's trying to do is keep you in your mind, so try to focus on your conscious surroundings as much as possible.
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