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Message Subject occultists who do pyschic attacks on people...do they need a personal item?
Poster Handle Coma Patient #7
Post Content
anyone know how to repel a pyschic attack and do the attackers need a personal item of the victim targeted?
 Quoting: can you return the attack? 26948735

You can repeal a psychic attack by quickly making a mantra repetition in your mind, that will force it creating a defense energy field around you. The OM mantra is supposed to have a very strong frequency against psychic thugs. Even if it's too late to repel the full attack, the effects will be weakened.

Victims personal items are used in deep black magic attacks caused by demons under a person's command.

Psychic attacks demand only strong will and concentration of the attacker.
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

OMG thank you so much. It was getting pretty bad after 14 years, granted I was getting good at countering it other ways but it took more effort. However, 10 minutes in the Om chant and it's like it was at the beginning, he can barely shake me even after nearly a day. The mantra works for a bit, but I think I need too fine tune it, so it's stronger.

The evil eye does seem to help briefly by looking at it, I ordered a couple to see how it works. I think I may try one of the Solomon talismans as well. Can't get enough protection, I guess when someones on a quest to destroy you.

Thanks all for the assistance, even if I wasn't the intended recipient. :D
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