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Message Subject Ask me what you are and I'll tell you. V4.
Poster Handle Borian
Post Content
Hey Borian! What Am I?
 Quoting: Dark Stranger 3003754

Lonesome, not lonely. Not sure I understand that one. Care to share a bit more?
 Quoting: Borian

eeeh, i guess, I kinda felt in the past like i was "in" with everyone and we had like a click or group or whatever... but obviously, you grow up and realize it's not like you thought it would be and the people you thought you were cool with aren't around, i guess.

is probably part of it.

idk, ... idk, i've been depressed lately. Kind of a lot going on, you know. but. now that we're talking about this, ya know, you struck something.

I never really thought about the difference between the two ideas. What does it mean to be lonesome? on an island? isolated? idk, i guess i just thought there we so much more keeping relationships in place than there is now... I can't feel close to too many people. It's hard for me to do that. Talk about anything with anyone. People just don't wanna hear that shit. me rambling about how shit should be... damn, i get tired of it... maybe i feel like people wouldn't understand...?

idk, what do you think?
My name is Dark Stranger for Christ's sake! How well can you really know a stranger?

depends on preception i guess...
 Quoting: Dark Stranger 3003754

Yep, it's perception. One thing I've noticed is like people gravitate to each other. The whole idea in itself is really interesting.

Lonesome would be thinking "It would be nice to have company tonight" and lonely would be "I have to be around someone".

I understand how you see this because I pretty much see it the same way.

Wind it down a bit, and it gets better.
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