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Message Subject Ask me what you are and I'll tell you. V4.
Poster Handle Borian
Post Content
Hey B.

Just thought I would say hi.

Be careful crossing the street.

 Quoting: TRIXER

Heya. Thanks much. I will look both ways. How you been?
 Quoting: Borian

I am great. Just trying to stay in the frequency of love.

So about crossing the street. It will just stick in your head.

The story... Well actually it happened back in 2007. The only time I had a person appear in a dream vision type thing. It was a small asian boy. Came to me very clear. I can still see his face, hair cut, what he way wearing... He said to me "be careful crossing the street". That was all. I never did have any trouble crossing a street, but it pops in my head everytime I do. On foot at least.

 Quoting: TRIXER

Well I'm with you on that one.
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