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Ralph--a house dog

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11/04/2012 04:20 AM

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Received this from a Mormon friend today on how to combat Black Panthers and other possible problems at the voting place.(long but good info)


In urban areas with large minority populations, do not be surprised if to get from your car to your polling place, you have to run a gauntlet of New Black Panthers.

Now, I'm not saying that they will be directly threatening you with violence...though that is possible in the bigger cities. Rather, I'm suggesting that their voter intimidation will be more suble, more indirect and implicitly.

Their goal will be to get you and others to just turn and walk away without voting! They will target white republican/conservative/libertarian voters. If they can get you to walk away from the precinct without having voted...THEY WIN!

So, go prepared. Realize that this may well happen in your location, ESPECIALLY if you live in or near a large urban center. May I offer some tips on how to handle this type of situation if it pops up at YOUR polling place?

FIRST, and most importantly, DO NOT be intimidated...go right on in the door, walking smartly, eyes straight ahead. Don't answer any questions or respond to anyone's comments.

Be extra careful not to walk closely to anyone that looks the slightest bit like a liberal activitist, whatever ethnicity they may be. (They likely will move just as you're passing by, bumping into you, then scream out claiming you assaulted them, and call the police to try to arrest you! You get tied up long enough to either become discouraged and leave, or you go in to vote...afraid that if you don't vote for Obama, the unofficial gauntlet outside will be informed...now, or even later...and that you and your family will suffer consequences.

If you are accosted and/or prevented from entering the polling place, QUICKLY use your cell phone or regular camera to take just a quick snapshot of who was accosting you! [Have the camera or cell phone camera set up and powered on before you approach the gauntlet.]

Better yet...but in parallel...have a friend standing off a bit, be taking video of your approach to the polling location. (check your state and local laws; I believe there is some distance from which you can't be videotaping folks going into the polling place).

As soon as the intimidation/harrassment event has occurred, get inside the polling place if at all possible. If that is not possible, BACK AWAY, get with a larger group and well out into more-visible areas. Get yourself safe, first and foremost.

THEN, without delay, call 911 and report the problem to your local police. COMPLAIN and insist on police/sheriff response; if they demur, contact the state police/sherrif. I think there are also numbers to contact for the Federal Election Commission (FEC), but I'm not sure of that---I'll try to do some research and get back to this thread for you.

ESPECIALLY if any of the "observers" in any way verbally assaulted you, attempted to inimidate you with verbal warnings and innuendos, and SUPER-especially if they actually pushed or shoved you...or maybe put a restraining hand on your chest or arm...YOU HAVE BEEN LEGALLY INTIMIDATED FROM VOTING and possibly !

Mention to the 911 operator that the bad guys are preventing others from voting, as well. And Oh, BTW, this is such an important story that you're going to be alerting the media, so they should respond quickly! You should be able to get phone numbers from your, or a friend's, smart phone. DO NOT LEAVE...the police will need you for a witness and to sign a complaint.

Right after your call to 911 is finished...CALL THE MEDIA as you promised the 911 operator.

Start with your local Fox channel news desk, but then call Fox News Channel (cable guys) itself, the big boys in New York--on election night, I'm pretty sure they'll have "Quick Reaction Teams" ready to pounced on any reports of voter intimidation. And if you live in a hinterland...well, Fox News will push the local affiliate to get someone out there pronto! Call both your local newspapers and the local TV channels.


Try USA Today, the Washington Post, the Washington Times (a conservative paper).

ESPECIALLY call GLENN BECK and his team at theBlazeTV. Indeed, perhaps that should be the second call, after the local TV channel.

Then call Mark Levin, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, your local conservative radio talk show host...the whole gamut. **It would help if you looked these numbers up in advance!**

The only way to make the cockroaches go back into their holes and the prospective voters alone...is to shine massive brilliant sunlight upon them!! Think about 10,000 "Lumens" of media exposure.

Call your LOCAL GOP office!!!! Look up the number beforehand, load it into your phone's speed dialer...and let them know, right away, of this problem.

They have specially trained lawyers set up in "go teams" to get to your precinct and ensure that your legal rights to vote free of intimidation WILL BE PROTECTED!!

After the police show up...and hopefully the media will also have arrived...make a point...very loudly...of DEMANDING police escort into the polling place. Indeed, in an ideal world you'll have rallied a couple dozen fellow voters who likewise have been intimidated--THEY SHOULD ALL DEMAND POLICE ESCORT INTO THE POLLING PLACE!!

Obviously, you're wanting to ensure that the police get the message that they have been informed of a clear and present danger to public safety...and thus they must neutralize it! Do not talk about them protectinng YOU, individually...rather, it is the larger community's right to gather at the polling place and vote, as free men and women, and not be intimidated by others who have no legitimate business at the polling location.

And have every voter in line prepared to LOUDLY demand that their polling place be protected with police presence, and a police escort into the building for any that need to enter the building.

BTW, another political trick here (IF LEGAL IN YOUR STATE)...have your cell phone camera video running as you walk up the entrace...with the SOUND RECORDER ON!!

Your goal, of course is to try to capture those soto voce comments and threats that are made by unseen people in the crowd...and that the cops will RARELY admit to having heard!!

Such material disseminated widly through the Media...early enough on Election day...could well make the difference in the elections.

Anywhere there is a sizeable concentration of liberal and "progressive" Democratic party members, there is a possibility of poll intimidation. If you're in or near those areas...reasonable precautions, as described above, are in order. Plus, use some common-sense.

If possible, VOTE EARLY, especially if you live in or near the major urban areas that will be most at risk.

Protect your liberties, your rights, your freedoms, even your religious freedom!

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