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Subject 1957 newspaper: US air recon found secret base near Antarctica
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
German newspaper article from 1957: [link to www.imagebanana.com]

Quick synopsis:

- Strategic bomber squad on a manouver finds dome 1000 miles north eastern of the De Long Islands
- 1 month later: Alaska air surveillance alarms Marine air recon, gives them coordinates
- Pilot of one of the planes: Saw blue grey steel dome, rotating like a radar. Went down to 800m and contacted it. Dome stopped rotating and went down like an elevator, big door closing over it.
- Radio operator: All electronic devices stopped functioning immediately after contacting the dome
- Area disputed between USA and USSR
- Many Alaska "coast stations" reporting crypted morse signals
- Airplanes following those signals lost it if they went closer to the calculated location of the signal source than 20 miles.

Quick googling leads to no answers. Your thoughts?
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