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Message Subject 1957 newspaper: US air recon found secret base near Antarctica
Poster Handle Abi ~
Post Content
ok, I am translating, little by little but it is tedious and obviously needs some work but here is what I have done, so far...where you see a ? it means that I could not translate a word...

mysterious steel dome in the eternal ice fell off all electrical equipment on board the aircraft. Americans are faced with a puzzle. stationed in the harbor almost constantly frozen Alaska American marine are the commanding officer of ? in Alaska. Been alerted. Seldom they cross thousand of kilometers over the North Pole to locate dome on a card registered to their own point to a mysterious steel. A strategic bomber linked to ? had this dome nautical miles a month ago for the first time in 1000 ? the de long islands in the eternal ice spotted the pilot of that time in a trial use located radiate ? bombers reported the monotonous flight over the endless curse over the eternal polar ice-was interrupted suddenly. I pointed my board ? a shiny dome towards the ice barriers between themselves 3000 meters below us. The dome was blue-gray and spinning like a storm of armored combat
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