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Message Subject For God to condemn you just to die for you is ridiculous and immoral.
Poster Handle Greatest I am
Post Content
let's just love our maker instead of scrutinizing his every whimsy

imagine if he put our lives under magnification and revealed some disturbing stuff oh you without sin casting stones.

thank you god for the mysterious characteristics of your multi faceted personality that the simple and imprudent are quick to condemn knowing you not for to them the gospel is foolishness.

i will never completely understand all this stuff about how god made evil to show us faith and unneccesary suffering to show us love, about sin and reconciliation through the mastership of a manifested love story called youniverse, about powerlessness and true power as the source for every enlightened path that tenderly seeks the presence our ancestors clung to, however i do recognize a god without limits no matter how tempting it is to put youn in a box of constraints via my programmed expectations lingering beneath my underdeveloped and very narrow perspective as an unfocused and unrepentent little worm beholding your infinteness like an ant the grand canyon, like an amoeba a star.

my god is waaayyyy to big for this three pound cerebral goo to grasp in a conceptual form, to compartamentalize and reconstruct according to my seared conscience.

instead i will let god be god and mankind be mankind and hope to adjust the great gap between all knowing and barely knowing by a steadfast seeking and that with fidelity impeccable.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27135401

If you are still seeking God as you indicate, how can you know what you say you know of one that you have yet to know?

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