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Message Subject For God to condemn you just to die for you is ridiculous and immoral.
Poster Handle Greatest I am
Post Content
Adam condemned the human race by leaving God. God did not leave Adam. So when you pull away from your life force you end up dying. All God did was warn what would happen if humans decided they don't want God's help. It is not God's fault that our first parents were stupid and selfish.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1550123

God murdered Adam and Eve through neglect.

We jail J Ws today if they let their child die through the neglect of not giving them what will keep them alive. Like a blood transfusion.

Yet you praise a God who murdered his children by not giving them what would keep them alive. The tree of life.

You go ahead and adore that prick. I will never do so. I have morals.

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