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Message Subject Honestly, why do you think Lucifer rebelled?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He wanted complete freedom of choice for all.
This would lead to chaos and destrustion for many.

The Father's plan gives the illusion of choice but is really only a predetermined set of conditions which are designed to 'shepherd' the flock in the direction He wants them to go. A system wherein you can make any choice you want but; the choices which are in line with the pre-set plan will bring rewards, those which do not conform bring pain and misery like a cattle prod to the heart and soul. it is a system designed to 'encourage' certain behaviours; compliance and complacency.

God gave you free will; The free will to do as you are told. Disobediance is punished until you have 'repented' and returned to the pre-set path. This may take one agonizing lifetime...or many. You do not get out until you have learned total obedience and given yourself over completely to His will.
Lucifer saw the hipocracy in this and rebelled.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1103915

Well, from reading Revelation 21, up to the end of Bible we get only a brief textual description of God's New Jerusalem.
It does sound too self centered, too symmetric, pompous and dry.

Just like our current courts of Law and when I get into those I feel really bad, just from being there and looking around. So the description the authors on the Bible gave might not be a good indication of it.

We dont know how is to live under God's New Jerusalem. One could assume the Father know what is best for us. And one could assume that we cant really properly evaluate it, because "our perceptions are incomplete, rigged so to speak".

One cannot say that we know how is to live under the Law, because it has always been corrupt, always hybrids, always tares. No particular time period of our history can provide a good example of what would be like under God's tutelage.

But on the other hand
Well, now we know how is to live under Lucifer's. Sorta.
So far, I dont like it. I feel like Lot in Babylon. People are so deceived (christian perspective) or disconnected/asleep (luciferian perspective) that doesnt feel right. The values of the human being are wrong, we have lost most standards. I dont feel like going around praying on the weak/dumb either. It feels like the design of human beings couldnt possibly match the design of Lucifer's. Neither what we have now could possibly be up to whatever standards he intended. For example, God gave us different and unique gifts, but gave us the same needs. It seems like a very complicated mechanism to breed conflict. How could Lucifer counter it? Doesnt feel like he ever cared about it, unless you think the Social Contract or the Declaration of Human Rights amount to anything. On the Bible, we have the doctrine designed to mitigate/balance "complete" free will and uniqueness/individuality under the Law of God.

The thing is, it seems like Lucifer barelly got started as well. It feels like he spent 10 thousand years just designing and implementing to get to this point. You see, his Golden Age didnt started yet.
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