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Message Subject Honestly, why do you think Lucifer rebelled?
Poster Handle Avalonia
Post Content
@Open your eyes

We can count to 9, too :-D

Your analitical mind is awesome !
And you made my day

Thank you for showing me who I am.
I was looking ofr this answer for a long time.

Stil love you :P


Nananana nanaa :))
 Quoting: Avalonia 9709833

So you are a trained handler.

The question B Comes are you aware of your gifts.

And if so are you being HONEST with your intentions with me.

I can smell unpure intentions miles away.

It is a sixth sense of mine.

So darling if you wish to continue YOU WILL submit yourself to me and be honest from now on.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Honesty was always here.

Thank you for your generous offer, but no.
I won't submit to anyone... but I will be always honest.

And my only intention for the moment is to find a cab :-D

Be well !

We'll see each other around :)

 Quoting: Avalonia 9709833

Talking a cab to where?

Paradise :)

Someday (If you Get Lucky) maybe we can program each other. lol

You know take turns. Roll Play. Dominant. Submissive.

You. Me. Lots of Passion. You get the picture. wink

That's a Good Girl!
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Ok :))

I'll make it a Paradise :-D

Yeah, I got the picture. Tempting, but my cab is here.

Have a WonderFull Day !

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