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Message Subject Honestly, why do you think Lucifer rebelled?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
lucifer rebelled because it wanted to be God. There is only one God. Read the first commandment. The process has been in reverse since the rebellion. The Lord's Prayer says, "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth AS it is in Heaven." Also, says, "Give us this day our daily bread."

What is happening here on this earth is a reflection of what occurred in heaven. Lucifer's works are an exercise in futility because it is all for loss. The system fails because it is wrought with the false promises and trappings that are temporal and self-serving. As lightning it will come crashing to earth in its continued descent, and as lucifer continues to unwind with its hoodwinked following, the fiery furnace awaits all of those of eternal darkness after the final judgment. They will return to unlife with no name in unsingularity in an all consuming black hole which is basically the fruits of the dark lusts' labor. The book of the dead and the akashic records will never be validated as the spirit of the antichrist tries to seal all with the mark of the beast in this false space-time matrix.

lucifer knows the battle is lost, and in the end wants nothing. Words or acronyms with UN are clues to the effort. The effort of the ones who want to be saved should be to pray for salvation and already ask thanks for an eternal name in our heavenly Father's Book of Life. The name you have now in this three dimensional prison that is rendered in all caps and subject to maritime law is not that name. It is false like the program darkness tries to validate in your being. Pray to have your eyes and ears opened to the the truth, the light and the way of Jesus Christ.

The only way to escape this end product of the heart is to accept Jesus Christ as the bridge to eternity. The last baptism is by fire. Those who accept Christ's eternal love will pass through this fire unscathed and stand anew before the one true God.

The daily bread is to remind you that it is not necessary to store up vast wealth on this earth at the expense of others. It is not the one true God's design. When the heart is attuned through Christ, God provides. You need to have faith. There is a major effort by darkness to stop the awakening of the multitude and the 144,000. It is for naught. Our Lord Jesus Christ's ultimate and final victory is at hand. Praise be to him.
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