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Presidential Polls 2012: Obama's Battleground Advantage Holds (Charts & Graphs In LINK)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6918535
11/04/2012 09:10 PM
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Presidential Polls 2012: Obama's Battleground Advantage Holds (Charts & Graphs In LINK)
Presidential Polls 2012: Obama's Battleground Advantage Holds

Posted: 11/03/2012 11:38 am EDT Updated: 11/03/2012 6:47 pm
[link to www.huffingtonpost.com] WASHINGTON -- The veritable fire hose of data turned on in the final days of the 2012 campaign leaves little doubt that while the national popular vote remains too close to call, President Barack Obama holds slim but meaningful leads over Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the battleground states that will likely decide the presidential election.

With just three days remaining before votes are counted, most of the national tracking polls continue to show a basically deadlocked race, with six new surveys released in the last 24 hours showing roughly the same findings as those from earlier in the week.


In nominal terms, most polls now show either a tie or a slim Obama edge, but the differences between Obama and Romney in any one poll are too small to be considered statistically significant.

The HuffPost Pollster tracking model, which uses data at the national and state levels to produce estimates of the combined polling snapshots, continues to show a national deadlock. However, for the first time in two weeks, Obama's percentage of the national popular vote was just slightly higher than Romney's, according to the tracking model (47.4 to 47.2 percent, as of this writing).

But even when all of the national polling data is combined, neither Friday's uptick for Obama nor the razor-thin margin separating the candidates nationwide is statistically significant. In plain English -- as of this writing, the polls collectively tell us that the national popular vote is just too close to call.

The snapshot is different, however, within the battleground states that will likely decide the outcome of the election.

In Ohio, for example, five new surveys released on Friday showed results ranging from a tie to an Obama lead of 6 percentage points. The surveys included new polls from NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist College and CNN/ORC International showing Obama leading by 6 and 3 percentage points, respectively, that used live interviewers to call samples of voters over both landline and mobile phones. The 49 to 49 percent tie result came from a Rasmussen Reports automated survey.

The Pollster tracking model, which considers all of the Ohio poll data, takes into account the consistent "house effect" differences among pollsters in producing its estimates. For example, in comparison to the overall averages, the Marist polls have tended to be more favorable to Obama, while the Rasmussen surveys generally favor Romney. When the model combines all of the data, it gives Obama a lead approaching 3 percentage points in Ohio (48.9 to 45.9 percent), as of this writing.

In all, HuffPost Pollster has entered over 120 new statewide polls into our database over the past week, most in the closely contested battlegrounds. This new data has done little to alter the overall polling snapshot, which continues to favor Obama in contested states like Wisconsin, Nevada, Iowa and Ohio by margins of 2 to 4 percentage points. The electoral votes from these four states, combined with those from other states where Obama leads Romney by wider margins, would give the President 277 electoral votes, just over the 270 need to win.

Four more states -- New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia and Florida -- continue to show closer margins, with Obama holding a slight advantage in New Hampshire, Colorado and Virginia, while Romney has a slight edge in Florida. If the polling leaders were to carry each state where they currently lead by any margin, Obama would reach 303 electoral votes to 235 for Romney.


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