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Here We Are, Down To The Wire!

Nikola Tesla

User ID: 18230284
United States
11/04/2012 09:28 PM

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Here We Are, Down To The Wire!
Here we are down to the wire in the presidential election. Of course, I am not inferring that all of the other national and local races are not important also.

After reflecting on this matter, I’ve concluded that it really comes down to this:

• All of the leaches, parasites and freeloaders will vote for Obama, in hopes that the food stamps, welfare and free cell phones will continue.

• Anyone who wants a healthy business environment so they can work to earn money or profit from a business or investments will vote for Romney.

What no one talks about is this election will define whether the majority in this nation are parasites or productive workers, business owners or investors.

Late Tuesday or early Wednesday we will know the answer to this question.


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"One person with courage is a majority." - Thomas Jefferson

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