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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I'll do you one better, even prior to the 80's:
[link to apollomissionphotos.com]
The rising moon behind the Apollo launchpad, with the moon's terminator (dividing line between night and day on the moon) completely horizontal. Yes, it's normal, yes it's just field rotation. How many of you idiots viewed the moon in a polar aligned scope the other night? I'm willing to bet, zero. I did. Guess what? It was VERTICAL in the telescope. Why? Because a polar aligned telescope is not subject to field rotation. When you see the moon rise, however, you will be viewing it with field rotation which can cause the moon to undergo an APPARENT rotation of up to 180 degrees from rising to setting.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27056233

Aww, what's the matter, no response? Didn't think so.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27056233

Um I was a bit busy here but if you want a response here it is:
If you trust what the government sells you than I feel sorry for you because all they sell is BS.
 Quoting: Kissplash

Right, they're lying about field rotation. If you seriously believe that, and if you seriously believe that in the early 70's they "faked" that photo so that 40 years later I could come along and show that the moon's orientation is normal, then you're fucking insane.
I believe in amateur photos...like they ones that get passed down generation to generation. You trust your i-telescope? How about your digital telescope? You trust Stellarium (I'm having real trouble with this one...I don't trust it but it's all that I have)? You trust NASA?
 Quoting: idiot

Yes I trust my telescope. I know how to polar align it jackass, and guess what I see when I do so... a vertical moon even when by eye it looks "horizontal" as it did this weekend! Guess what my amateur photo would have shown had I taken one of the moon this weekend? A vertical moon! Why? Because my telescope was polar aligned, as was nearly every serious amateur telescope back when the above photo was taken (telescopes used for astrophotography back then were all equatorial).
You know what I trust? My eyes. And my gut. And photos that never even dreamed of being photo-shopped. That's what I believe in.
 Quoting: idiot

Photoshop didn't exist back then. Furthermore, there'd be no reason to fucking forge an image like that back then.
And I'll tell you something else. Even with a field rotation you would still see the pictures the same today as you did then if nothing has changed.
 Quoting: idiot

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27056233

And by the way idiot, if they faked that image of the rocket on the pad with the moon in the background in the 70's, why didn't anyone yell about it back then and scream "fake?" Because it was perfectly normal to see the moon like that, just as it is today! Tell me, how the fuck did the moon look vertical in my polar aligned telescope this weekend while by eye it looked "horizontal"? If it's not field rotation, then what is it? Hmm? Answer that. Oh, it's because my telescope has a computer in it? How does the computer magically rotate the image of the moon? Eh? It's polar aligned, it's a physical alignment, there's not a damn thing the computer can do to change that! Once polar aligned, the computer either puts the moon in the field of view, or it doesn't, there's nothing it can do to "rotate" the view of the moon to make it look normal! Learn some astronomy!
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