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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its simple people!
As Humans we take notice if something is out of place its a natural instinct.

There was a prophecy that said the earth would stagger back and forth like a Drunkard. And that is exactly whats happening.

The earth is wobbling like a spinning top that bumped into something. so one day the sun and moon look right and the next they don't and the next its right back where it should be again.

Which also explains why one day its 40 degrees out and the next its 91 and neither you, I or the weather channel is absolutely positive what season it really is anymore. Even the Trees are confused.
 Quoting: The Answer 26133827

Oh, here's a real genius. Tell me genius, how is it that I can polar align my telescope under the assumption that Polaris is about 3 quarters of a degree from the north celestial pole, our axis of rotation, and it ACTUALLY WORKS! I polar align my telescope with the assumption that Polaris is right where it should be, how can I do that if it's not? Furthermore, anyone can take a picture of star trails centered on the north celestial pole and measure its distance from Polaris. Go ahead, do it, I will bet you ANYTHING that it's normal. If it weren't, I would have been able to polar align except by the drift method, which I didn't use (I used the iterative method, which assumes the stars are where they should be).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27056233

What you say you can or cannot do makes no difference to me.
In fact that sounds very intriguing! I would be very interested to see all of your wonderful abilities in action someday. Meanwhile if only someone could help us explain all these strange weather anomalies. Too bad there isn't a telescope alignment tool for that. Its interesting to note that as far as we humans are told. The weather is controlled by the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun. which affects the temperature of the ocean which effects the weather. I wonder what other outside sources could be causing the sudden changes.
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