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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content
Your Trippin. The moon in Northern California is just fine.
 Quoting: #Geomagnetic_Storm#

Just fine? You mean it's fine that it is waning from the top?

Its never waned from the TOP - that only happens closer to the equator...so my thought is, they blew up the friggin moon for some reason - and we ALL know it wasn't to locate water. The japanese had already told them there was tiny amounts, so there was NO NEED to blow up the moon!

sommin aint right
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27040753

So??? It has always risen like this as far as I can remember.
 Quoting: #Geomagnetic_Storm#

lying shill asshole, or you are 3 years old, which is it.

The Moon has been fucked like this for about two years now. All of a sudden it started going through its phases top to bottom instead of left to right. The sun has been getting gradually brighter for maybe 10 years now. When I was a kid, it was yellow and you could look near it without difficulty anytime of the day. Now, it's blinding WHITE and like the OP said, you can't even walk outside without covering your eyes. Shit in this solar system is fucked. I fear the end is near.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26077737

I will just say this. There will be no end. There will be change. And for some it will be good. For others it will be very bad. Do not fear. Meditate on positive and you will receive positive things. The Law of Attraction is very real. Think of a word, or a thing, or a person, or type of person. Now go about your day. I guarantee you will hear that word, see that thing or person, a dozen times.

Change can be scary but it doesn't mean there is anything to fear. Humans just naturally fear change. Think of how you want your story to end. Then start writing it the way you want it to go.
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