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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's a moon story for ya.... Last night I was reading a book to my five year old son about the moon. After I finished, my wife says: "When you look at the moon, what you are seeing is actually a reflection of the continents from earth, not the actual moon surface." Then I said, "whaaaaat?" She reiterates, "Sure, you don't actually think that all those craters and valleys are on the moon do you?"

I then went on to prove my point about said lunar surface, she quick cut me off in mid sentence and told me we would have to research it. Research?!?! WTF??? This woman has a masters in education by the way....

Maybe the moon is affecting brain wave patterns.
 Quoting: Cosmicwind73 16244242

What a disturbing story.

She's an idiot so "we" have to research it when she is corrected? So she can't be corrected by you, she has to leave it open with no closure and walk away. And $100 says when you prove it later, she'll snarl at you for being punishing, obsessed and awlays needing to be right over trivial issues.

Manipulator, hypocrite, stupid and abusive - yep, I'll bet she does have a masters in education. Everything about her screams public education authority.
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