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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Hydra
Post Content
My question to the Moon-Tards:
Hi OP, TrinityMountain, Saint Leibowitz, Chas, donnamickey, ~Spaze*Man~, waxonwaxoff, LordBeagle72, Em18966, Possum, Kissplash, The Answer, grefey and all the ACs.

Its day now in Australia, Europe, and all over the USA.

Did someone get up early morning to look at the moon at dawn?

Could I fix it?
Was it waning from right to left instead of top to bottom?

I am stretched to the breaking point - please tell me if I could fix it.
 Quoting: Hydra

Your answer:
Don't worry...real karma will be returned to you. You can thank me later!
 Quoting: Kissplash

I think it's not an answer to my question.

This is a better one:
Number one: I couldn't see it if I tried today...clouds were along the back of my house and I live in the city. ...
 Quoting: Kissplash

Number two: I never said anything negative about anything you said on this thread so why worry about said karma? Guilty much? ummhummmm.
 Quoting: Kissplash

Did I? - Show me where I did.

Number three: The only thing I did was question your pic in which you never answered any of my questions. ...
 Quoting: Kissplash

Oh, I thought you made rhetorical questions.
But I'm pleased to answer: Look below the photo. And yes, in 1910 they already had artificial light.

Number four: Maybe I'll give out some good karma today to people who need it. Because what goes around, comes around.
 Quoting: Kissplash

Nice move.

Number four: And I'm a good person despite all you may think.
 Quoting: Kissplash

You can read my mind?

Number four: And at this point maybe that's best because the true nature of a person is found in the way they talk to a stranger.
 Quoting: Kissplash

Wise words - do they apply to you too?

Let's go back to number three:
Number three: The only thing I did was question your pic ...
 Quoting: Kissplash

Do I think it's [the moon] wrong in some way? Yes, because I've always watched the sky.
 Quoting: Kissplash


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