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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You're a dumbass. NOBODY accused anyone of faking the photo 40 years ago. But, it would certainly be possible to take an old photo like that TODAY and use computer software to take a vertical crescent moon and tilt it to be hiorizontal.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26077737

Then show me a copy of it that has the moon "vertical." Put up or shut up you fucking moron. That photo's been out there for 40 fucking years.
That's what I contend happened here.
 Quoting: AC

Your shill tactics of setting up an absurd accusation that nobody made won't work here wher epeople can think critically.
 Quoting: AC

Your accusation IS absurd and you just made it MORE absurd! Now instead of faking the photo, they took the photo for real and then changed the digital copy 40 years later, thus making it easy to prove that it's fake. Prove it or shut up.
Go take your PTB paycheck and shill elsewhere asshole.
 Quoting: AC

I'm not a shill you worthless piece of shit. It's fucking field rotation you god damn asshole, I saw the fucking moon this weekend, it was horizontal like that by eye but vertical in the telescope. It's NORMAL!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27132643

OK, if I'm the fucked up retard who falsely believes the Moon has changed, WHAT DO YOU CARE?!?! Why is it so goddam important to you to TRY AND CONVINCE ME I'M WRONG?!? What is your goddam motivation here? You act as if your goddam life depends on convincing me and anyone reading this thread that all is normal and there's nothing to see here. Explain that shit.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26077737

Someone has to put a stop to the spread of idiocy. I frankly don't give a damn what you personally believe, my goal is to expose the truth. I know for a fucking fact that you're fucking wrong, and you can think whatever you want, but I will keep posting that photo, showing the truth, doing whatever I have to do so that others don't fall for your bullshit.
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