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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Weasel_Turbine
Post Content
Wet moon.....Look it up. Happens this time EVERY year.
 Quoting: Blue Skies

You couldn't be more wrong.. The Wet Moon only happens in THE WINTER in the Northern Hemisphere..Between January and February.. This wet moon has been around for the past 3 years, even during the summer months.. I mean how fucking stupid do you think we are? And don't give me that "If the moon was fucked up, thousands if not millions of amateur astronomers would be saying something about it"


"The terms wet moon and dry moon originate from Hawaiian mythology, where it was thought that the moon appeared as a bowl which would fill up with rain. The period where this is most common, January 20 - February 18, corresponds with Kaelo the Water Bearer in Hawaiian astrology and makes the moon known as the "dripping wet moon". As the year passes into summer, the crescent shape shifts, pouring out the water and causing the summer rains. After the "bowl" empties, it dries out and rights itself, creating the "dry moon"."

I mean, at least do research on your own assumptions before spreading bullshit and looking like a complete fucking fool.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27041131

Actually an angled moon can happen any time of year. Certain times of the year are more common for certain phases because the moon's orbit is angled with respect to the ecliptic. The observer's location and observation time also matter. The wet moon reference refers to an extreme amount of apparent rotation for a single phase.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

So, you are going to dispute documented evidence that totally goes against your non-educated guess? Do you people just pull this shit out of your ass or what?? Prove IT!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27041131

Non educated guess? It is a FACT that the moon's orbit is angled with respect to the ecliptic. It is a fact that because of this the full moon is higher in the sky at some times of the year than others and it is a FACT that this applies to all phases at different times of the year. It is a FACT that field rotation exists. It is a FACT that it varies based on the observer's location and the time observed. It is a FACT that the amount of field rotation observed on the Moon varies based on it relation to the Sun and since its orbit goes from its furthest North to its furthest South every month (in different phases depending on the time of year) and the Sun's path varies over the course of a year then it is obvious that one could see apparent rotation at multiple times throughout the year depending on phase and location.
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