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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Those who think the Moon's orientation are wrong often fail to take into account that they are observing from the surface of a rotating sphere. Where you are on that sphere and which direction you are looking affects the orientation you see. (This is why all those calendars, etc, show the phases of the Moon with a vertical terminator; the makes of the calendars can't supply a calendar which shows a prper orientation for all possible obbservers). Take an extreme example: If you were observing from the North Pole, and the Moon was at First Quarter phase, the terminator would be vertical, and you would see the lit side of Moon on the right. An observer viewing the Moon at the same time from the South Pole would also see a vertical terminator, but the lit side would be on the left. An observer at the Equator would see a First Quarter moon rise with the lit side on the top, but would see it set with the lit side on the bottom.
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