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Message Subject Moontard here: THE friggin MOON is NOT RIGHT!
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content

My question to the Moon-Tards:
Hi OP, TrinityMountain, Saint Leibowitz, Chas, donnamickey, ~Spaze*Man~, waxonwaxoff, LordBeagle72, Em18966, Possum, Kissplash, The Answer, grefey and all the ACs.

Its day now in Australia, Europe, and all over the USA.

Did someone get up early morning to look at the moon at dawn?

Could I fix it?
Was it waning from right to left instead of top to bottom?

I am stretched to the breaking point - please tell me if I could fix it.
 Quoting: Hydra

Your answer:
Don't worry...real karma will be returned to you. You can thank me later!
 Quoting: Kissplash

I never wrote that you. I wrote it to the person who gave me negative karma without leaving a calling card because they are a coward! And because most of the energy of negativity in response to my posts from yesterday was in this thread I KNOW someone from this thread gave it to me. Only a person that felt guilty would speak up when calling them out since it wasn't quoted to anyone.

Furthermore we are expecting somewhat of a storm here in NJ, so yes, there are some clouds. Would you like some of those CHEMTRAILtardo pics that I take?

And yes, I do have a biting personality if you have to ask. But I don't hide it. If you show me respect I show it back but you seem to like me this way. Too bad as I really am a nice person. But you'll never see that by accusing me of things I didn't say...unless you did give me that one bad karma...not that it matters but it must to the board creators as they didn't want karma wars. Truth is I would like to the see the names of those who call me names so I can ask them why they would give bad karma to someone who never said a word to them. Kinda like if someone were to spit on me in the street and walk on by...it's childish and wrong and thanks to that I'm probably going to pretend it doesn't exist anymore so as not to derail threads trying to find out who the REAL ignorant people are. As it is I think I already know.
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