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Hope is not lost

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User ID: 24585127
United States
11/05/2012 02:34 AM
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Hope is not lost
Hope is not lost. We still have the power to change. It will only happen when we are pushed into the corner and have no choice but to act. That day will be our rebirth.

The rebirth of a world where those who wish to oppress and silence will be exterminated in the most indiscriminate way. The only leader we serve is the leader of the people. The people are the leader.

It is almost mob rule but with the love of our fellow man and desire to strive for something greater than ourselves. No ideology can fix mankind. Only the force that moves the heart can fix mankind.

We lost an important part of ourselves early on. One day we will rediscover what it was. We will be reawakened to our true nature. We are a creature of many things. But written rule does not bode well in our blood.

Is it anarchy? In some ways yes, but I believe that nature's laws are far more perfect than our own fabricated ink on paper obsessive compulsive single file lines.

If we pass away into the shadows of history before our time, the spirit that guided us will find another way to sprout it's omniscience.

Hope is not lost. Peace be with you in all your lives.
Eat to live. DO not live to eat.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10731394
United Kingdom
11/05/2012 03:14 AM
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Re: Hope is not lost
Pffftt. I pushed that bitch Hope back in the box and slammed the lid on her head.
I'm so sick of hearing the story about pandora's box and how hope came out last and was supposed to be a giant bandaid on a world permanently a bit more fucked than it was before.

I may be delirious from lack of sleep...
I left you a delirious green karma, you'll live.