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can I ask how pathetic the elections make you feel?

outside looking in
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11/05/2012 03:24 AM
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can I ask how pathetic the elections make you feel?
on one hand you have Obama, single handedly spent more money in four years than any other president ever... he talks it up, continuely lies and gives the impression that he actually cares

then you have Mitt Romney the one guy that couldn't even beat McCain in '08 and now has been elected by republicans to take on Obama in '12. a rich Mormon who has been into corporate greed and capitalism.

now both of them are heavily support and funded by Israeli bankers and zionists, the same groups that ensure congress members are funded to make zionist decisions

now I need to ask, it's very obvious that the millions of people who have voted previously and in the republican caucuses. have actually no idea about the lack of actual American funds being used to support the candidates. the intelligence of the majority who participate in the elections are blinded and confused even uneducated on how the candidates came to be or how they are funded... just the fact that at least 2 billion dollars has been spent on repetitive adverts while the country is in a financial crisis is proof that people have no idea... and will continue to have there lack of awareness used against them.

so really is the elections and the candidates just a reflection of how pathetic the American populace is?

if Obama wins, it will be hilarious because he couldn't have performed any worse and if Mitt wins then good luck if you think things will change that's what is pathetic about it...