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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The only people who know are the Rothschilds and other members in the inner circle.

Anything else is just a guess
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

The thing is man, the TPTB got their "battle armor", or expected to get it. The Bible doesnt say what it is.
It is related to the miracles/wonders perhaps. So its one of the "secret projects".

But it traces a paralel with TPTB "upgrade" and the Elect of God "upgrade". This signals that more knowledge gets revealed and things not able to be seen or understood before, now are.
At the same time, the remnants/elect get shielded.

Like the parables of the seeds, depending where the seeds fall, it indicates how they grow. Its about understanding, there are seeds who gets 30 fold, 60 fold or a 100 fold understanding.

So Im under the premise that at this point, even someone like me can get understanding.
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