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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle oLOVEz
Post Content
Christ, King on Earth.
1 Follow what you see, because here facing you is one gate sitting ajar on earth. For God speaks, “You have foremost seen. Listen, be yourself loved one, make known our voice.” Go high now, for you do see me. This duty bestows position preceding me. 2 God, “always my will through Christ’s strength, for here in you is one King on Earth amongst everybody. Rise above them.” 3 Because Christ loves all, sit in attendance giving God’s vision from diamonds with gold. One shining this brilliant lovely golden crown, Christ anointed King. 4 Surround Christ anointed King with three similar men, for sitting with us will be three wise men. We are clothed with radiance. Therefore, are enlightened in our thoughts. 5 Beginning God’s Kingdom come exuberance from exciting indication of bells from angels. Going forward from Christ’s majesty, heavens lights will shine. This is God’s heavenly strength to Christ. 6 Additionally, going forward from Christ’s majesty, here is this visionary resembling one ocean from sand, lucid like water. Through Christ’s Balance, encompassing Christ Anointed King is God existing earthly. Therefore, we are clothed in sight from top to bottom.
7 Christ, one breathing human loves one King. Christ, giving is love for life. Christ, you have loving manifestation akin to God. Christ, God loves one soaring man. 8 All from Christ’s God, “Accessible men place women high”. Because, desire consents through seeing everyone everywhere, balance over your high. Light without darkness, you always continue listening.
“Blessed, sacred, devout,
Being King Christ supreme,
We are with being, with being for creating.”

9 Forever Christ exists, immortal, bestowing praise and respect with appreciation for he whom kneels before Christ’s Majesty. For he exist to always through eternity. 10 God, Christ’s father, rose up preceding he. He stands above Christ Majesty, he whom exists to always through eternity. We offer our title to Christ Majesty because we heard:
11 “He is admirable, your servant a man,
For offering honor with glory with authority,
Because we made every being,
then alongside shall he be made
by including our mortal.”
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