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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle oLOVEz
Post Content
Written by We, Through Christ, From God.
With Love:

All Ascend! – All Life of Earth, Human and Non-Human - from one Entity; To God through Christ – without Exclusion - I free you from Slavery. Herein, you are in control of your own life – through Christ. You are free to Live, Love, and Enjoy the priceless moments you have been given.

I grant you freedom from slavery not through death – yet through everlasting life! Go now and explore, create, and give thanks through selfless deeds (Body of Christ). Breathe life to my children, and praise all creation.
You encourage me. Because of this, I am forever thankful to open, create, spread, and give life to all of you. Together we look upon our silhouette and see our glow.
To Everlasting Love (God) - z - through (Jesus) Always Beginning Romance.

You are free through Christ.
You shall embrace me through Christ.
Live through Love, Love to Live.
Always share Christ’s voice.
Learn by heart these words.
Respect all of Life
You will live,
You will release truthfulness
You will give Love through Life,
You will speak truth to the blind,
You will desire.

Human Responsibilities - z - God Authority
To be Accountable, because we are in charge. Do not blame yet be liable. Have pleasure when God answers your questions. Depend on your consciousness. Be trustworthy and reliable.
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