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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle waterman
Post Content
Here is an example of what that last day christ, messiah, moshiach, witness, man or what ever you prefer to call him will do:

I read a very good book on prophecy that I think many would enjoy it's called "Enigmatic Sunrise Todays Prophetic Secrets Revealed" and it talks about the last day moshiach. Here is one example: The story of Joseph..as christian people are taught that Joseph represents Jesus because the coat of many colors was dipped in goat's blood..the colors represent the many nations and the blood sacrificial of
what Jesus did on calvary. The Pharoah symbolic of GOD the Father and position of greatest authority on earth. Lets consider another idea involving 3 entities. Jesus
represents pharoah, as pharoah was the ruler of the greatest authority on earth at the time.He was also the provider of the bread and nourishment for the life of men. Joseph correctly interpreted the 7 year famine of food, saving the people from physical starvation. This is a foreshadow of the 7 year tribulation when this Joseph(moshiach) will rise up and save the people from spiritual starvation. When Joseph appeared before Pharoah, Joseph told pharoah that God made these things known to him. If Pharoah was symbolic of God, as has been taught by people today then Joseph would have responded "you pharoah, God have given me the interpretation of the dream!" So the first entity is GOD, as Joseph mentions GOD gave him the interpretation. The second entity is Pharoah, symbolic of the ruler of the kingdom and the source of life during the last seven years of the interpreted spiritual famine. A
type of bread of life or another name for Jesus, and he was the head of the kingdom. The third entity was Joseph himself, a servant to pharoah and, King of the kingdom. Pharoah appointed Joseph secondary head of the kingdom. Joseph became leader and commander through his witness, for he correctly interpreted the dream, and by his witness saved many from death. Not by his sacrifice as was the case Jesus bearing the cross, but by his, Josephs' witness was many saved!
Considering the blood of a goat on the coat of many colors. Jesus is not symbolic of the goat of God but he is the Lamb of GOD! why not the blood of a lamb if it was to symbolize Jesus or a ram at least a ram is a male sheep. A goat is a ruminant mammal related to the sheep, this is symbolic of the gentiles! Again we are dealing with a goat even depicted in the story of Jacob, covering his hands, works in goatskin! Did God direct Josephs' brothers to the goat and not to a lamb by mistake? Was God confused and couldn't find a sheep at the time, or perhaps he forgot the difference between a sheep and a goat! I think not!
Even as Joseph's brothers chose the blood of a goat and rejected the blood of a lamb. Even so would come the time when Joseph's brothers the jewish people, would for a second time reject the blood of the Lamb Of GOD! The blood is not the significant thing here it is what the blood symbolizes this is significant!The Word of God states the life of man is in the blood (Gen.9:4-6)....this is just a small portion
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