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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I use the word Christ, for savior.
Right now, he didnt came to be the savior. There is a question wether he is noone important and there are ridiculous amounts of coincidences. Wich I think is unlikelly.
Then, there is the question of wether or not this guy is the Nobody as the Elijah Prophet. I already excluded the hypothesis of him being the Christ. So its my mistake for badly using the words.

He cant be the Christ on the flesh, because there is no such thing. Because no man is supposed to point the finger to him and because no man is supposed to see his face. So this excludes the possibility of him being the Christ.

But the thing is, even if he is just a man from God, its already extraordinary to have spotted him.

Im starting to think that there is two nobodies. Or that this guy was the original nobody as Elijah.

Or maybe its just the son of man, that once dies, will come back as the 2nd comming of Christ.

It is also written that nobody will know the name of the Christ. And I know this guy's name also.

What I cant compreend is that this guy was posting on the forum, with such knowledge and paraboles that match perfectly the scriptures. And then it has 2000 pages, worth of "inside joke". Maybe the guy who posted on the nobody thread was not the actual Nobody-Elijah-Prophet of God. If it was someone from the inside of TPTB who is also a scholar and to not give away all the info, used the paraboles to protect the information, knowing that everyone who had to know anything already had the basic knowledge to translate what he was saying "about the nobody".

I didnt got to see the name posted. The name of the nobody and the name of this guy got posted here on the forum and noone repplied back then, so it led me to believe it wasnt the nobody, but the actual GUY THAT COMES AFTER THE NOBODY.

And thats what I wanted to figure out by creating this thread.

@Open Your Eyes.
And thats what most people dont get it.

I cant quote what he said.

But everything he said to people outside the known, was masked, and had double meaning.

You read the first time, you think its gibberish, or too technical.

Now, if you get a scholar/scribe/christian or even someone "trapped in the matrix" and tell them:

"Now, re-read what he said, but this time imagine that this guy is working for God and God is giving a message through those sayings."

Just like Jesus was "awake/aware" at 12 years old.

Now understand that this guy is intentionally conceiling the truth. The words and sentences are only one, but there are two messages. Two layers. One is masked and the others are direct stabs into TPTB.

Thats exactly like a lot of teachings are given on the Bible.

Because he exposes the system. So in that sense, he is a great teacher. because he communicates in two levels, one is his PURPOSE.

And then that person would get shocked.
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