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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle Mi'Kmaq
Post Content
Elijah is a forerunner to this last day servant we are talking about and the Israel that everybody thinks the war of God and Magog is going against is spiritual Israel not geographical Isreal (the keys is to know that the physical happens first in the bible and then the spiritual)...or in other words the United States. God will send this Eliah to warn the untied states before the Day of the Lord(attack by Gog and Magog)..bible states no one will listen and we go into captivity then after the people become holy again God raises up this deliverer from amongst the people in captivity.
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, Armilus is "a king who will arise at the end of time against the Messiah ben joseph, and will be conquered by him after having brought much distress upon Israel", similar to Gog. He is spoken of in both Midrash Vayosha and Sefer Zerubbabel, in which he defeats the Messiah ben Joseph. The Messiah ben David comes and raises messiah ben joseph from the dead and the ministry of the two witnesses(messiah ben joseph, messiah ben david) shortly begins

Everyone is waiting for the beginning of the 7 year tribulation and the 7 year peace treaty to be signed but the Day of the Lord is the destruction of the United States and comes 42 months before the 7 year tribulation which is divided into 2 forty two month periods...Revelation tells us you will have trouble 10 days:
Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.
The whole purpose of the two witnesses is to bring the two houses of Isreal (Northern kingdom lost 10 tribes) and the southern kindgom (Judah or Israel in the middle east right now) back together as one house like in the times of David, because those two houses are still separated right now.

Just as in the times of Moses when the children of Israel were in captivity, God raised up a deliverer and sent Aaron with him. The lost 10 tribes are in just the opposite scenerio. The time of Moses the children started out in captivity and were in the land of Egypt(full of idols).
They were waiting for a deliverer and to go to the land of milk and honey. The deliverer(Moses) came and they went out through the desert with all of Egypts gold and silver and went to the promised land Today those lost 10 tribes are in the Land of Milk and Honey(United States) but these children have turned their land of milk and honey into a land of Egypt( full of idols, cars, houses computers, phones elctronics,,,etc,,,all the things that take the place of God in their life. God will send Elijah the first witness to warn the people they need to repent just as God does before major destruction...He sent Noah to warn people..Lot to warn people..Jonah to warn ninevah and so on. From what the Word says these people will not listen and God will destory the peoples idols but they will not be happy to leave Egypt because they love their idols more than they love God. So they will leave Egypt kicking and screaming and taking none of thier gold and silver with them. They will go through the desert into the furnace of affliction for 42 months until God makes them a holy people again. Then God will raise up a deliverer and send an aaron type(elijah ) with him. God will have this deliverer teach the people righteousness.
 Quoting: waterman

I read you, but Im dont have understanding of this.

What I know is that it is said and repeated that no prophet of his own country is heard. This perhaps might be able to clear if they are two or more, if they are from different countries.

Another thing is that I never really interpreted United States as Israel/Egypt/Babylon. I dont know where to fit US still, I think its a big block of the prophecies that could be affected if TPTB decided to use the US to deceive people into thinking its something else. Anyway, when I read Romans 11 or so, I started to relate with things that are happening on US now, but there it says "Israel", so I didnt really thought things through.
The message I got, is that what is happening now is just a scare, a "wild fig tree" shaking, at wich some natural branches might fall, but those who do, might be used to "regenerated" the tree. I really have no wisdom at all to be talking these things. But maybe if you check Romans 11 or so you might be able to see better.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27003095

America is the new Isreal where Jerimiah planted that which he unplanted in the old Isreal at the time of the babylonian exile.
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