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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
John 3
Apart from the clear message of keeping the commandments, not sinning, loving one another, there seems to be clues for recognizing the second comming of the Lord. One of them is not using the terminology of Christ. It matches the idea that the Lord will not come to save from sins, so its not called the Christ. This is incredible. Basically it tells you not expect someone who comes to save us from our sins!

Maybe thats why one cant point the finger to "the Christ". Because there wont be any salvation from sins and we should not be expecting that.

Talks about "the son of god manifested", as if creating a counter point for him being NOT manifested when he comes as the Lord.

It creates a series of conditions:
since you know the truth (or you should know if you followed the way, i.e. all the carefully placed clues on this book)

[wich should raise eyebrows, because there are so many clues and puzzles and interpretations and indications of people not understanding, not hearing, not seeing, not having wisdom, being in darkness and so on to the point that you ask yourself, how come the culture never mentions how cryptic the Bible is, because its a feat of itself]

Wich also lets clear that there will be deception and the people who really didnt "got the message" will fall for it. But its not that what will happen in real life will be great wonders and miracles that will deceive people only. It seems like the Bible itself plays a role by being the way it is, so that there are many locks, keys and layers of understanding.

And then it continues

"the world knoweth us not, because it him it not". The Sons of God were not known. But its not talking about christians only, this Gospel is of John the Baptist, wich had the spirit of the prophecy. So it this "knoweth us not", might mean "therefore the world DID NOT RECOGNIZED US".

And that seems to be sense of that part of the Gospel, give clues so that people could "knoweth", but in the sense of identify, recognize, diferentiate.

And then it goes (John 3:2) "Beloved, now we are the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is."

This "not yet appear what we shall be" might indicate the remmants sons of God alone, or it might include also the angels (if they dwell amongst us).

"when he shall appear" to me its clear, its about the 2nd comming, the return of the Lord.

now the last part is the most important: "if you are like him, then you will see him, AS HE IS".

This indicate that everyone who is not like him, WILL NOT SEE HIM AS HE IS.

So many people might be thinking about some grandiose, glorious return. But what this imply, is that most will not recognize him, because IT WILL LOOK LIKE HE IS A NOBODY.

But then again, if YOU ARE LIKE HIM, then you CAN recognize him.

Now, knowing all the story of Jesus Christ from the first time, if he were to come again, "without being manifested" (wich will be mentioned a little later on the scripture), how would he be like? And then you have to imagine a cross over of ortodox semite jew with true/hardcore/fundamentalist/scripturalist christian. Wich is completelly different from the Christ, or "manifested form", or the one described with special effects "heavens scrolling open and bright light..."

At John 3:6, it seems to indicate again, that those who sinned, or were in sin, did not know him. But if you keep interpreting "know" as "recognize/identify", then its a clear message saying, THOSE WHO ARE IN SIN WILL NOT RECOGNIZE HIM.

And it keeps talking about the FIRST comming of the Lord as him being MANIFESTED. But then you think, "why is scripture telling me that?" It doesnt have any other purpose unless it is to create a counter paralel to say that "When he comes the second time, it is not to remove the sins, therefore he will not be manifested!"

John 3:9 is a circling argument, if you are born of god you dont sin, and you keep your seed, and you cannot sin, because you are born of God. This is to reinforce the idea of not Sin, but also indicates the need to keep "the seed". Maybe it refers to the "life", to the "connection with God". The 777 as opposed to the 666, and if you lose the seed, you go from 777 to 666, through Sin. Something like that I heard earlier on the thread. I dont saw it on the Bible though.

John 3:10, talks about being manifested BY KEEPING THE SEED, i.e. Not sinning. But also by being righteous and loving their brothers.

This goes right back into Malachi 4:5-6. Wich states that in the later days Elijah would come back to turn the hearts of the father back to the children and vice-versa, or a curse.
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