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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Waterman, what is your take on the parable of the Mature Fig Tree?

I think the mature fig tree represent the believers who are "ready", those who had the patience of the saints, those who overcame the world.

Right now, I think we are not there yet.

I think that before this happen, other passages of the Bible, apparently unrelated, also use the parable of the fig tree, but in a different chronologic point.

Such as the wild fig tree shaking, and some natural branches breaking falling, only to be graffled... wich then could lead to getting closer to the mature fig trees, shortly after.

This I read in Romans 11

And then, there are passages about the fig tree, that talk about the season and the leaves of it, wich could be yet another previous indicator of the later two stages. Probably the stage at wich we are now.
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