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Message Subject I think I know that the 2nd Christ is here on Earth in the flesh. Lets talk about it.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its the reason I posted is because I dont think this guy, is the actual guy who made the Nobody thread in the third person.

Because one thing is someone posting on the internet, all high and mighty, like the guy who posted about the nobody, or paraphrasing the nobody did.

Another thing is this guy Im talking about in real life.

The Nobody's paraphrases had a direct religious content and method of delivery. Both levels seemed coherent.

Now this guy Im talking about intentionally hids this from everyone he interacts with in real life. Its like a secret.
But when he does communicate, it mostly has this double meaning, but much more subtle than someone who comes around using the words "God" and "way of the angels".

So the guy who wrote about the Nobody, if its the same guy Im talking about (who knows, the guy might lock himself in his room and go to the internet forums and kick the bucket on TPTB hubs of communication).

But something tells me the guy who posted on TPTB and later got accused of speaking on third person is not the Nobody himself.

Because there is this distinct behavior. The real guy keeps to himself and doesnt look like the type would go to the internet...

But then again, the guy who said was a bird on a branch, described this guy, or someone very similar to this guy (nothing was antagonic), except the actual act of venting on the internet. What impressed me about the guy who posted about the Nobody was his depth of knowledge of the "meta-game" through the "abrahamic cosmology" and the figurative speech, parables.

You see, the details that can actually be used to identify are not conclusive, it remains being "just a theory".

Im curious about if its the same person.
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