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Message Subject Monsanto is the freaking DEVIL
Poster Handle Instant Karma
Post Content
at the very least people will see how infiltrated products are with this shit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward

Unfortunately, they spent a ton of money on their disinformation campaign to defeat it. The side with the money usually wins.

I hope people are intelligent enough to ask, why are they so worried about Prop 37 passing. It's just providing information to the consumer about what's in their food.
 Quoting: Instant Karma

It's interesting how voting "yes" means "no" ..A yes vote goes against GMO's.. It's trickery.. Makes a person voting no think they are voting "no" or against GMO's.. Who picks whether it is a yes or no choice?,, Anyone get what I'm saying????
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24926363

Propositions are always worded so that "No" means no change to current law, and "Yes" means that the proposition is implemented. It's just about labeling, so it doesn't affect GMOs directly. Indirectly it could have an economic impact that would slowly make GMOs noncompetitive in the market.
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