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Message Subject This is it! YES on 37 needs your vote: Help defeat GMOs and Monsanto at the ballot box
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know it is a great idea and I support the concept, but it is poorly written and full of loopholes. There will be tons of lawsuits and unintended consequences, so I gotta vote no on this one.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1579668

So your going to vote for something that is 100% against what you believe in, instead of voting for something that's 90% for what you believe in? That's fucked up and explains why this Country is such a mess! Where is your logic here?
 Quoting: TOMMY B

I agree that there are loopholes and there will be some problems. This is true of almost any law passed nowadays; I think they write them that way purposely, to have a way to sway the public, among other reasons.

However, IT IS A START! It means other states will also write propositions, learning from the mistakes written in to this one, and writing them more efficiently, closing loopholes one by one. It will set a PRECEDENT. Many other states are holding their breaths, watching California, hoping they will go the way of so many European countries that require labeling.

Whereas, if this does NOT pass because of its errors (which can and will be worked out), we are handing Genetically Modified Seed, Food, and Animal producers a win, with no fight. They will run with it. Did you know they are working on a vaccine which can be genetically modified into your vegetables? You will never know if the tomato you buy has that vaccine in it or not.

Please, just because it isn't perfect, don't throw the baby out with the wash. Keep working on it after it has passed.

Lawsuits? I don't really want to go there, but it is a reality. But to not vote for it for fear of lawsuits and loopholes may be throwing away an opportunity we will never have again. Look at how many things we don't get to vote for---like Portland recently passing fluoridation in spite of peoples' protests. Here, at least we have been given a chance. Please, think about it again.
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